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BREATHE BETTER ( 2430001 )

Makes breathing deeper and subtler and helps in inner movement of life energy. The aroma is earthy and calms the senses.
US$18.00 US$14.40

FEEL BETTER ( 2430019 )

Rose Oil
Rose oil boosts self esteem, confidence and mental strength, it also relieves from anxiety. This oil can bring a positive attitude. This oil has excellent moisturising properties and beneficial for dr
US$12.75 US$10.20

REFRESH ( 2430003 )

The perfect blend of cooling oils, refresh the body. The aroma is cooling and soothing.
US$12.00 US$9.60

CALM ( 2430005 )

Blissful and gives lightness to body. The aroma is calming and soothing. Enhances self confidence and optimism.
US$11.25 US$9.00

COURAGE ( 2430006 )

Increases mental strength, courage and perseverance.
US$9.75 US$7.80

RELAX ( 2430002 )

Warms and relaxes the body. The aroma is soothing and spicy. Helps to calm and relax.
US$9.00 US$7.20

RECHARGE ( 2430004 )

Strengthens immunity and recharges the body. The aroma is fresh and earthy. Elevates mood and promotes emotional well being.
US$9.00 US$7.20

HAPPY ( 2430017 )

Jasmine Oil
The aroma of jasmine essential oil is strong yet sweet, pleasing and romantic. This makes a person feel happy and potentially awakens romantic and poetic feelings.
US$9.00 US$7.20

SLEEP BETTER ( 2430009 )

The sweet floral aroma calms and relaxes the mind for a good sleep.
US$7.50 US$6.00

BALANCE ( 2430007 )

Encourages stability and emotional balance.The earthy and sweet floral aroma is soothing.
US$6.75 US$5.40

FATIGUE REDUCE ( 2430008 )

Removes stiffness and relaxes over exerted muscle. Strengthens the nerve and stimulates the mind.
US$6.75 US$5.40
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