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Pure Cashmere Hand Painted Bamboo Design

SKU Code: 471020-1 | Size: 70 x 200 cm | Weight: 100 gms

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Is the undercoat fur of a mountain goat living at an altitude of 12000ft to 14000ft, It is renowned world over for its exquisite feel and softness.  Only hand spun yarn is termed authentic cashmere. Different locations carry different qualities of yarn.

Pure cashmere yarn dyed hand painted with bamboo design.  This wrap has a fine texture, strong, light and soft feel.  Cashmere travels well and does not wrinkle fast. It is long lasting and becomes softer with age and rarely pills after being worn.

Kindly Note : Their might be slight variation in colour from digital image to actual piece. Dispatched in approximately 7 Working Days. To save on shipping charges buy multiple products.

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