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BODY WASH ( 2440006 )

Aloe Vera
Deliciously scented, the mild cleansing base, enriched with aloe vera and honey gently cleanses without drying.
US$10.50 US$8.40

SKIN SOFT ( 2440007 )

Silky Rose Soap
Softening, reduces spots and discolouration, gives smooth skin.
US$5.25 US$4.20

SKIN RENEW ( 2440008 )

Sandalwood & Turmeric Soap (Chandan Haldi)
Lightens complexion and removes toxins.
US$5.25 US$4.20

SKIN BEAUTY ( 2440009 )

Aloe Vera & Mogra (Jasmine) Soap
Cooling, balances pH and gives soft and beautiful skin.
US$5.25 US$4.20

SKIN YOUNG ( 2440010 )

Almond & Coconut Soap
Soothing, increases elasticity and delays signs of ageing
US$5.25 US$4.20
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