Yoga Incense (Set of 3)

Aloe Vera, ocean, Violet fragrance
SKU Code: 6312030 | Weight: 40 Sticks x 3

Incense is available at our stores but not available for online sale (as incense can not be couriered to certain countries). For online purchase of incense, kindly email your shipping address to enabling to check the possibility of sending incense by courier.

“Anuvittasana” or “Standing back bend”. The based fragrance is Aloe Vera. This posture helps to stretch out the abdominal muscles, strengthen the back/spine and stimulate the lungs.
“Bhujangasana” or Cobra pose”. The based fragrance is the ocean. This posture helps to strengthen the lower back muscles, specifically the transverse abdominal muscles. This posture stimulates the adrenal glands, helps normalize irregular menstrual cycles and at the same time helps with gas or constipation problems
“Halasana” or “Plow pose”. The based fragrance is Violet. This posture helps to increase flexibility in the spine as it opens each and every spinal dise and stretches each vertebrae making this pose great for people with arthritis or neck/back stiffness. It also activates the liver, spleen and thyroid gland, stimulates the abdominal organs and is great for those experiencing headaches, insomnia, or high blood pressure.

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