Essential Oils

NeoVeda refined essential oils are naturally made from the ultimate life energy and extracts of the rare flowers, leaves, valuable wood or roots. We have categorized are essential oils in 3(three) categories blended oils, single oils, yoga oils, and valuable addition with traditional aroma lamps and oil burners (diffusers).

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They enter in body & mind through the skin and sense of smell, keep skin beautiful & radiant. Essential oils help to strengthen your inner organs by providing oxygen and balancing hormones, they also cleanse, stabilized 3 bio and mental energies, which may have got unbalanced due to the environment, lifestyle, stress or aging process.

Essential oils are frequently consumed in aromatherapy.  Essential oils can alleviate pain, act as antidepressants, antibiotics, lower blood pressure, detoxify, elevate one's mood, Revitalize skin and reduce anxiety.