Incense Sticks

Incense has played an important role in many of the world's great religions. Craft House presents incense in various fragrances like rose, musk, opium, jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood, lavender, orange and many more. The main method of burning incense in India is the incense stick or agarbathi. The basic ingredients of an incense stick are bamboo sticks, paste and the perfume ingredients – which traditionally would be a masala (powder of ground ingredients). These incense sticks are crafted to burn in an even manner, thereby emitting your favourite fragrance in a smooth course. The aroma of incense will last for hours. These incense are best for purifying your surroundings, de-stressing you or even assisting you to focus and meditate.


PLEASE NOTE - Keep Burning sticks away from flammable articles. Ashes should fall on fireproof and heat resistant surface only. Do not ingest and Keep out of reach of children.