The word “gourmet” is synonymous with the culinary arts. The “art” is an important part of enjoying good food. This means an aesthetically pleasing presentation, attention to detail, the just-right balance of flavors to complement each other.

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Curry Powder (Set of 3) 20%

Curry Powder (Set of 3)

US$11.33 US$9.06

Craft House presents you Indian traditionally prepared from the best quality of whole spices. Enriches your dishes with flavour, fragrances, colour, and unforgettable taste. Curry powder set, which includes 3(three) spices in it. These 3 spices commonly use in every kitchen in Indian and give your food a delicious taste and texture.

            1 The mild curry powder is to be added to freshly cut vegetables or meat while
            2 The Tandoori curry powder can be used for both dry/curry preparations.
            3 The Garam Masala powder is a flavoury Indian spice mix, used to flavour the dishes.
 Craft House also presents you ready to eat food products, now you can have anything from steaming hot (Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Shahi Paneer, and Dal Makhani) at any time you want. Our products are prepared without adding preservatives and are 100% natural. Stock up your pantry with those ready to eat products, to save you during those sudden late-night cravings.