Indian Tea

Tea is a complete sensory experience that involves an appreciation of culture, tradition, and flavors. Matching style with substance every sip of CRAFT HOUSE SPECIAL TEA tastes amazing and smells divine, uplifting the mood and creating a sensation of wellbeing and freshness.

Craft House is also member of Darjeeling Tea Board.

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We do a great selection of tea gifts, which comes in beautifully packaged and well wrapped in handmade paper boxes, embroidered bags and aluminum caddy. Tea is available in Whole leaf, CTC (method of processing black tea), Biodegradable Pyramid bag, Biodegradable Round tea bag, Biodegradable Flat tea bags, Spice Flavored tea, Fruit flavor tea and flower flavor tea.

Craft House offers over 25 varieties of Whole leaf Indian tea such as black tea, white tea, green tea, which is muscatel and vintage in natural and blended flavors sourced directly from the famous tea gardens of Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri. Our collection also includes 100% organic tea, certified for no pesticide and chemicals during tea plantation and processing.

White Tea -The rarest kind of tea, White tea is made from the young tea bud. It is plucked just before the leaf opens on the stem and is air-dried to lock in its colour and flavour. The chlorophyll is not mature in this bud and that gives its “white” appearance. Grow in high mountain of Darjeeling and Nilgiri. 

Green Tea - The tea leaves are quickly heated and dried to prevent too much oxidation from occurring that would turn the green leaves brown and alter their fresh-picked flavour. The chlorophyll (greening agent) remains in the tea leaves, which is what makes green tea green.

Black Tea - The leave oxidation and processing are what distinguish black teas from the rest. Premium black teas are withered, rolled, oxidized and creating a warm and tasty flavour. The lengthier oxidation process causes the tea leaves to develop into dark brown and black colours.

We offer you Assam black tea, Assam tea set, sliver tips imperial tea, Masala tea (chai), Assorted tea, Niligiri black tea, Darjeeling black tea, Darjeeling green tea, Darjeeling tea set, Darjeeling white tea, Darjeeling vintage tea, Darjeeling tea- pure whole leaf and many more.