Assam - Golden Tips Tea


Well-rounded malty palate with sugarcane or muscovado notes.

Leaf: Plenty of golden colored tips. Plucked one bud and two leaves.
Infusion: Brown / Copper
Notes: Well-rounded malty palate with sugarcane or muscovado notes.




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Golden Tips was produced at one of the top ranking gardens in Assam.

The tips of Golden Tips are an indication of high quality and remarkable flavor, as these are the plucking of the young shoots of the year.

Matching style with substance every sip of CRAFT HOUSE SPECIAL TEA taste amazing and smells divine, uplifting the mood and creating a sensation of well being and freshness.

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Tea for 2 cups
1, Boil fresh water
2, Place 4.8g of tea leaves into the pot
3, Pour 600ml of fresh water
4, Brew it for 6 minutes
5, Pour the tea into the tea cups