Beauty Combos

neoVeda is the modern-day adaptation of Ayurveda (ancient Indian Knowledge of life and well being) and is a natural way to rejuvenate and relax both body and mind.

Beauty Combos includes body care kits, face care kits, hair care kits which includes special offer combos.

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Our lightweight, natural ingredients are carefully formulated that they efficiently deliver long-lasting results and energetically promote to rediscover your best self. We promptly present the best beauty combos/kits for hair, body, face. These beauty combs are traditionally for both males and females. These kits are for any skin type and comfortable in any season. These kits will make your skin healthy, radiant, nourished, smooth, etc. It helps to reduce dark circles, dryness, hair fall, split ends, tanning, pre-aging, acne, acne scars, white & blackheads, suntan, and wrinkles.