Aroma Fragnance

A fragrant home or office is both a delight. CRAFT HOUSE products are highly appreciated for their significant features like efficacy, purity, and quality. Each fragrance is associated with tales of richness and royalty. We provide incense in different forms: Dripped incense sticks, Hand rolled incense sticks, cone (Koh) incense. These incense come along with incense holders made of wood and soapstone which make it easy to place incense straight. Incense sticks are crafted to burn in an even manner, thereby emitting your favorite fragrance in a smooth course. The aroma of incense will last for hours. Make each day a lovely one with these sticks.

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Each incense is blissfully aromatic and fills the air with inspiring dignity and wisdom. From easy-to-use air fresheners to traditional incense sticks, from exquisite incense holders to trendy perfume dispensers, there are many different products at our site to help you transform your home into a heavenly residence. Many people have enjoyed the pleasant smells that incense can bring and they burn incense to cleanse the atmosphere, clam and reduce tension and stress and even fear.

PLEASE NOTE - Keep Burning sticks away from flammable articles. Ashes should fall on fireproof and heat resistant surface only. Do not ingest and Keep out of reach of children.