Agra (Incense Stick and Cone Set)


Contains 40 Premium Incense (Stick x 20 and Cone x 20) with beautifully carved Soapstone Holder.


Orange and Cinnamon fragrance
SKU Code: 6312035 | Weight: 50gms

Incense is available at our stores but not available for online sale (as incense can not be couriered to certain countries). For online purchase of incense, kindly email your shipping address to enabling to check the possibility of sending incense by courier.

Agra Incense is based on Orange and Cinnamon fragrance. Cinnamon has such a rich, spicy and earthy aroma, while the Orange has a soft, uplifting citrus scent. Both these oils will add the benefit of cleaning the air, getting rid of germs that linger.

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