Pashmina Wraps

Craft House presents pashmina Kani weaving, pashmina shaded birds eyes weave, pashmina Kani palla, pashmina double-check, pashmina muffler in a herringbone weave, pashmina jamawar muffler. Our pashmina wraps and stoles are known for its purity, texture and Indian traditional embroidery. The wool comes from either a Changthangi goat or a Pashmina goat which is a special breed of goats indigenous to the high altitude regions of Nepal and India. The famous Pashmina shawls are made from this fine fiber. The primary source of wool is the domesticated goat Capra hircus. This wool is called pashm. Pashmina fibers are removed from live goats the animals are not harmed or slaughtered. Add a trendy and traditional look to your wardrobe NOW!