Body Care

Looking eagerly for skincare products you’re in the right place! When your skin feels radiant, so do you. With ingredients like almond, aloe Vera, Kumkumadi, kokum, jojoba, cinnamon leaf, Shea butter, Neem, tea tree, rose, turmeric, sandalwood, mogra(Jasmine), got kola, olive oil, milk, cucumber, coconut, etc. Body care replenish skin's natural moisture, leaving it smooth, soft, naturally healthy and happy.

Our body care products includes body moisturizer, body lotions, mango creams, hand care creams, foot care creams, aloe Vera body wash, soaps, sunscreen SPF 30 and 50, aloe Vera gel, jasmine water, massage oil, avocado oil, skin and hair oil with extra virgin coconut, Neem and many more.