Darjeeling Tea Collection Set of 3

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Hand plucked Spring First Flush, Summer Second Flush & Autumnal Flush which is Pure Whole Leaf and 100% Organic Tea packed in a beautiful handmade organza lace Gift Bag.


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(SET OF 3 with leather book mark)
FTGFOP- 1S - Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe - 1st Special
1. First Flush ( Spring Tea )
  • The fresh emerging Spring leaves are carefully handpicked after winter dormancy. 
  • This captures the green energy of birth. The tea is best savored in the morning.
  • The hand plucked First Flush of the year is mixed with light green tea leaves, you can enjoy a fresh taste and fragrance of
  • spring.Leaf: Plucked one bud and two leaves contain greenish leaves.
  • Infusion: Light yellow
  • Notes: Peachy aroma with grassy and minty with clear-out after notes.
2. Second Flush ( Muscatel Tea )
  • The Muscatel second flush encapsulates the vibrant life forces of summer.
  • The rare flavour is best enjoyed, to uplift your mood.
  • Second Flush has a matured taste and fragrance and emits the aroma of Muscat.
  • Leaf: Plucked one bud and two leaves with Silver Tips.
  • Infusion: Light brown
  • Notes: Very smooth with nutty and fruity sweet notes with musk aroma.  
3.  Autumnal Tea
  • The Autumnal reflects the genteel tranquility of the season. 
  • It is ideally sipped to wash away the day’s fatigue.
  • The leaves have reached absolute maturation and complete taste. 
  • The tea leaves have a deep chestnut colour and brews deep bronze colour tea liquor.
  • Leaf: Plucked one bud and two leaves. Contains silver tips.
  • Infusion: Copper brown / bright amber.
  • Note: Well-rounded palate and deep sweetness note with rosy flowery aroma
Matching style with substance every sip of CRAFT HOUSE SPECIAL TEA taste amazing and smells divine, uplifting the mood and creating a sensation of well being and freshness.

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