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DRY REDUCE ( 2440018 )

Massage Oil
A magical massage oil that keeps skin and hair soft and supple. Nourishes flaky and dry skin. The oil has a pleasant aroma and spreads easily.

MOISTURIZE ( 2440016 )

Sweet Almond Oil
Moisturizes and cleanses. Reduces under eye dark circles. Prevents hair loss and reduces dryness. Can be used as a carrier oil with essential oils for skin and hair.

HAIR GROWTH ( 2420001 )

Rosemary & Cedarwood Gel
Enhances hair growth and reduces hair fall.

HAIR CARE ( 2420002 )

Promotes hair growth, prevents from itching on scalp, reduces dandruff and conditions hair.

HAIR STRONG ( 2420004 )

Keratin and Henna Leaf Shampoo
For hair growth and strengthening. Cleanses scalp thoroughly, restores pH balance and reduces split ends.

HAIR MANAGE ( 2420006 )

Keratin and Henna Leaf Conditioner
Contains keratin protein that makes hair strong, reduces hair fall keeps it silky smooth and manageable.

HAIR COLOUR ( 2420003 )

Safe and effective for home use, imparts rich henna colour and shine, adds volume and body and protects from damage and pollution.
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