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FACE CLEANSE ( 2410014 )

Turmeric, Gotu Kola & Walnut Scrub
Buffs away dead cells and reveals soft skin. Makes the skin feel rejuvenated, soft and supple, helps to refine, clarify and soften the texture of skin.

BODY HYDRATE ( 2440012 )

Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe vera works as a drink on thirsty skin. Instantly hydrates or naturally moisturizes dry, normal and oily skins. Makes skin healthy and happy. Aloe Vera feeds skin with minerals, vitamins and antio

HARMONY ( 2430013 )

Lavender Oil
Lavender helps to stay in harmony by soothing the senses. Relaxes the mind and also helps in insomnia. It has antibacterial properties and now one of the best natural cures for skin problems.

BLEMISH REDUCE ( 2410008 )

BB Cream
BB Cream with 8-in-1 benefits (Brightens, Conceals Flaws, Whitens, Anti-Ageing, SPF 20, Moisturize,  Anti Oxidant, Unifies). It has light texture and comfortable feel and reduces the appearances of p
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