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LIP LUSCIOUS ( 2410019 )

Mango Balm
Lip Balm is uniquely designed to replenish dry and chapped lips and making lips luscious.
US$6.00 US$4.80

LIP SOFT ( 2410020 )

Rose Balm
Rose makes lips soft smooth, beautiful and pleasant. Shea butter protects lips from cold, dry weather, cocoa butter heals chapped lips, bees wax softens and smoothes lips.
US$6.00 US$4.80

LIP SMOOTH ( 2410021 )

Mogra (Jasmine) Balm
A special blend of exotic Jasmine and Shea butter helps to smoothen lips by hydrating dry and chapped lips.
US$6.00 US$4.80

LIP YOUNG ( 2410022 )

Coconut Balm
Coconut lip balm helps deliver hydration & moisture. The coconut oil contains the minerals that moisturize and cure dryness of the lips.
US$6.00 US$4.80
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