Lac Elephant Set of 3


This handmade and hand painted elephant made of Lac.


Lac Elephant Set of 3
SKU Code: 27MX04 - 2 | Weight: 200gms
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This handmade and hand-painted elephant made of Lac. Lac is a natural, resinous complex secreted by Lac Bug, gum resin and Stone powder. This lac elephant comes in a set of 3 (three). They are made entirely by hand using traditional skills handed down from generation to generation. They are sure to complement the look of your room and impress your guests.

Kindly Note : These are all handcrafted items, therefore there could be some variation in Colors / Print / Pattern. If Required, we will email stock images for your selection. Dispatched in approximately 7 Working Days. To save on shipping charges buy multiple products.