Handmade Wooden Elephant With Inlay Design

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Hand carved wooden Elephant statue with custom inlay design.


Handmade Wood Inlay Elephant D/T
SKU Code: 233001 - 01ELE3201 | Size: 5 inch | Weight: 350 gms apx

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Hand carved wooden Elephant statue with custom inlay design. This beautiful statue is custom made by skilled artisans in India, with the classic design celebrating the beloved Elephant, an important and revered symbol in the culture of India.

Handmade wooden Inlay Elephant, this intricate work involves many stages. The first step is to design and draw the images and patterns on the wood. Then the wood is cut into proper shape by carpentry. The motifs that have to be inlaid are then carefully handout to shape. The areas where the motifs have to be inlaid on the wood are carefully scooped out. Next the motifs are inlaid and fixed. The wood is then smoothened using sandpaper and polished to give a bright look. This handmade Elephant can be a gift to your family, Friends and can also be used for home decoration.

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